Are you - or someone you love -
a victim of this Cruel

Diabetes Hoax?

If you have diabetes…

Or high blood sugar that you've been told is on its way to becoming diabetes …

You've probably been told to cut back on carbohydrates and sugar. In other words, stop eating the foods you love, such as bread, pasta, potatoes and desserts.

It makes sense. These are the foods that make your blood sugar rise.

Yet shockingly, this could be
some of the absolute worst advice
you'll ever receive.

As I'm sure you know only too well—forcing yourself to avoid foods you love is hard.

If it were easy, more than 50% of Americans wouldn't still be trying to lose weight.

But if you have high blood sugar, you're in a real pickle!

Because the fact is, the blood sugar ups and downs that go with diabetes and prediabetes can make dietary changes twice as hard, since the "downs" trigger cravings for the very foods you're trying to avoid.

That's why restrictive diets designed to lower blood sugar don't work for most of us. We just can't stay on them for very long.

In most cases, all they do is set you up for failure and frustration. Tragically, this leads to many people simply throwing up their hands and giving up on trying to eat healthier.

What too often follows is a lifetime of dependence on powerful prescription drugs. Drugs laden with side effects. Drugs that may not be able to permanently keep your blood sugar under control.

That's why I say the idea of controlling high blood sugar by forcing yourself to change your diet is "a cruel hoax."

But the good news is: there are natural ways to lower blood sugar and even reverse type 2 diabetes.

And there's even better news: It can be done without holding a gun to your head every time you get hungry or have a craving for something that's rich in sugar or carbs.

Some people will tell you that only drugs can save you from the ravages of high blood sugar, such as heart and kidney problems, vision loss, skin ulcers, and amputation.

But I've been talking to some people lately who don't just believe that natural remedies are better. They've proven it themselves!

Like Andy P. He reversed his diabetes naturally and so dramatically that his doctors can't believe his numbers are so low.

Curtis A. He's a pharmacist who, ironically, refused to pop a single pill for his high blood sugar. Yet his fasting blood sugar is now between 85 and 90—well within the normal range.

And Jay E. He suffered from out-of-control diabetes but he's now completely off injectible insulin and all his oral drugs except one. And he expects to soon be able to discontinue that one as well.

My name is Bill Gottlieb. I'm one of the country's top investigative reporters specializing in health. In fact, I've written 13 bestselling books that have sold millions of copies worldwide.

I'm writing you today because I'm excited to tell you about my latest discovery: natural ways to defeat high blood sugar.

High blood sugar is a problem that has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. and around the world.

Fortunately, by talking with dozens of researchers, physicians and patients over the past year, I've been able to uncover 22 simple, all-natural foods and supplements that can enable you to…

Some of these remedies are so powerful they have enabled many to cut back on their medications—and even eliminate drugs from their lives altogether. (I'll tell you their stories in the next few minutes.)

In addition, a little later in this letter, I'll tell you about an amazing little "trick" I found.

It enables you to easily and effortlessly change your eating habits—without forcing yourself to eat differently or go on a restrictive diet.

But first, let's start with a super-powerful remedy for high blood sugar that may be waiting for you in your kitchen right now …

Just a spoonful of this
makes your blood sugar go down

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, said: "Let food be thy medicine."

And as you're about to see, that's a great prescription for reversing diabetes.

Here's how Dr. Carol Johnston, a Ph.D., researcher, and registered dietician, stumbled upon a great "food medicine."

She set out to study the effectiveness of restrictive diets for lowering blood sugar.

What she found was that these low-carb diets really did enable people with diabetes to control their glucose levels. At first. But … it turned out that sticking to such a diet is almost impossible, and none of the patients in her study intended to continue eating that way once the study was over.

Of course, a remedy won't do you or anyone else any good if you don't use it. So she was discouraged.

But coincidentally, Dr. Johnston had just come across a study in which simply adding vinegar to the food of diabetic animals was enough to control blood sugar spikes after eating.

Maybe, she thought, it could work for humans as well. And if adding a little vinegar can control blood sugar, that's sure a whole lot better than a diet no one will stick to.

Being a scientist, she did more studies to try to test her theory. The results wildly exceeded even her most optimistic expectations.

Participants who were insulin-resistant boosted their ability to use insulin by 34% when they had apple cider vinegar before meals. In people with diabetes, insulin resistance improved by 19%.

The vinegar also lowered the post-meal spikes in blood sugar that have been linked to worsening diabetes and heart disease. Patients who took a little vinegar with their meal reduced those spikes by 64% if they were insulin-resistant and by 17% if they suffered from full-blown diabetes.

Dr. Johnston's next study, published in Diabetes Care, found that apple cider vinegar cut post-meal glucose levels even in non-diabetics by more than half. That's great news if you don't have diabetes now—and want to stay that way.

Not just as good as drugs…
better than drugs

But what really blew Dr. Johnston's mind was vinegar's effect on people who'd suffered from diabetes a long time. Because for them it worked even better than drugs, improving next-morning glucose levels more than 9 times over!

Drugs often don't do half as well as that. And, of course, vinegar beats drugs hands down when it comes to side effects and cost!

One last thing about vinegar: It's also a great inflammation fighter—which many experts believe is the main driving force behind both diabetes AND heart disease.

Remember: Keeping your blood sugar low and steady isn't just great for your health—it's also the best way to prevent those cravings for carbs and sugar. And with fewer cravings, you won't have to force yourself to cut down on or avoid certain foods—it just happens naturally.

In my new book, DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY, I will tell you the exact type of "miracle" vinegar used in Dr. Johnston's studies. In addition, I tell you how much to take and precisely when in the meal you should consume it (very important).

DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY includes the 22 best ways I've found to lower blood sugar quickly, easily and naturally.

Be sure to check out all these delicious, miraculous healing foods and see which ones you can easily incorporate into your diet. Like these, for example …

This is such important information for anyone concerned about high blood sugar that I've arranged with my publisher for you to receive a completely risk-free trial copy of DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY.

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Now that your kitchen is on its way to being well-stocked with delicious ways to lower your blood sugar, let's take a bite out of those pesky carbohydrates.

In fact, let's see how to slash your intake of carbohydrates by two-thirds—without changing a thing about the way you eat!

How to slash
your carb intake by two-thirds—
without eating any differently

Carbs have replaced fat as public health enemy number one.

They've been tried and found guilty of causing obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and many other health crimes.

And, of course, carbs can wreak havoc on your blood sugar.

So wouldn't it be great to cut your carbohydrate intake by more than half?

Sure it would—except for all the delicious bread, pasta and dessert you'd have to pass up.

But what if I told you that there is a way to cut your carb intake by nearly two-thirds—by a whopping 66% to be exact—without giving up a single morsel of those yummy carbs.

Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

Well, it's not. And it's all thanks to white kidney beans.

You see, an extract made from white kidney beans blocks the action of an enzyme your body needs to digest carbs. In other words, it stops your body from breaking down the carbs you eat.

And carbs that don't get broken down don't get absorbed. In other words, they don't count!

It works great on starchy foods, such as bread, cake, cookies, chips, pasta, rice and potatoes.

Exactly how well does it work?

In a two-month study, those taking this extract had a five times greater drop in blood sugar (22 mg/dl), experienced less hunger between meals, and lost twice as much weight.

In another study, those taking this extract were able to lose eight times as much weight.

If you want to use this type of carb-blocker supplement, you should know a few things.

There are many carb blockers on the market these days. But on page 34 of DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY, I'll tell you about the only carb blocker allowed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to make claims for starch digestion and weight loss.

Best of all, no side effects have ever been found … not in animals, not in clinical studies on humans, and not in over a decade of use.

A word of warning, though: If you're on a diabetes medication, be sure to tell your doctor when you start taking a carb-blocker. Because you may need less glucose-controlling medication. In fact, for this reason, it's a good to talk with your doctor if you're taking advantage of any of the glucose-lowering recommendations in this letter. I think both of you will be surprised by how fast your need for drugs goes down!

Carb-blockers aren't the only way to make bad-for-you food better for you. In the pages of DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY you'll find many more.

For example:

To get your risk-free-risk trial copy of DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY just click on the button below …

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Why haven't you been hearing
about all this?

Why aren't you already being told about these natural solutions for blood sugar problems? Why do doctors still insist on handing out drugs as the first line of defense against diabetes—and often against prediabetes?

For one thing, blood sugar drugs are a 40 billion dollar industry. No wonder the drug companies make it very difficult for anyone to get the word out about natural alternatives to drugs.

It's also why the drug companies make it super-easy for busy doctors to get information on the latest diabetes drugs. And the drug companies reward their loyalty in other ways as well. It all ensures that doctors will be more likely to pull out their prescription pads for patients with high blood sugar.

Mainstream medicine silences natural alternatives in other ways as well. Recently, for example, the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition has been fighting to keep Steve Cooksey, a blogger and life coach, from telling people about how he reversed his life-threatening diabetes naturally.

Clearly, the medical establishment wants to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to spread the word about natural solutions. If you beat diabetes naturally, they don't even allow you to tell people about it!

The methods I've been telling you about, on the other hand, don't have high-priced sales reps and lobbyists to speak up for them. And because they cost anywhere from nothing to a few pennies, and Mother Nature owns them, they can't be protected by patents and turned into high-profit drugs.

That's why you won't see glitzy television commercials for them. And that's why the people who are making billions treating diabetes with drugs will do whatever they can to keep you in the dark about them.

What about the American Diabetes Association? Surely they should be telling you about natural remedies. Well, who do you think subsidizes the ADA? Of course: The big drug companies.

In fact, "big pharma" contributes almost $20 million annually to the ADA. If Mother Nature had that kind of money, maybe her remedies wouldn't be ignored.

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Meanwhile, let's shed some more light on the situation with …

The supplement that controls diabetes
better than diet. Better than exercise.
And better than both combined

You've seen that foods can work miracles when it comes to high blood

But what about supplements? Can they also help you lower your high blood sugar—and even reverse diabetes?

Science is quickly discovering that the answer is a resounding "yes".

But even researchers were surprised at exactly how well certain supplements can lower blood sugar.

For example, consider fenugreek—a potent herbal extract with a long history of success treating blood sugar problems.

Researchers took a group of newly diagnosed diabetics and divided them into two groups. One group received fenugreek. The other group was started on a diet and exercise program.

Two months later, both groups had substantial drops in daily glucose levels (the fenugreek group went from 148 to 119).

But the fenugreek group had much better insulin numbers—56% lower levels of insulin than the diet and exercise group…19% less insulin resistance…and 19% more insulin sensitivity (your body's ability to make use of insulin effectively). That's huge!

Wow—even if fenugreek were "only" as effective as diet and exercise, that would still be pretty impressive, right? But it's even better! (Not that you should go sit on the couch all day and start eating everything in sight, of course.)

In another demonstration of fenugreek's glucose-taming talents, Chinese doctors studied 69 patients whose diabetes couldn't be controlled sufficiently—even with drugs.

They gave them fenugreek and saw "remarkable decreases" in fasting blood glucose … post-meal glucose levels … A1c (a critical diabetes marker) … and diabetes symptoms.

You'll discover how to use fenugreek to lower blood sugar on page 175 of DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY, including a simple way to make it work much faster and the best fenugreek products on the market (they're so potent they can only be purchased using the special instructions I've included).

DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY includes many other powerful, blood-sugar-lowering, diabetes-beating supplements.

Which of them could benefit you—or someone you love?

(Once again, however, I must remind you: These supplements are so powerful you must keep your doctor informed of what you're taking, because you may need less diabetes medication. Or, eventually, none at all.)

There are so many exciting blood sugar tips and secrets I want to tell you. For example …


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How to stop worrying about
the life-threatening complications
of high blood sugar

Is there any disease that can seem so harmless—yet eventually have such devastating consequences—as high blood sugar and diabetes?

Even if you "only" have prediabetes, the complications can include heart disease, kidney disease, vision loss and blindness, nerve damage, painful ulcers, and amputation of limbs.

Yes, high blood sugar slowly trashes your whole body. In the typical case, doctors hack away the dying parts one at a time. And in the end, most patients die of a heart attack.

The best thing you can do to prevent these dreaded complications is to keep your blood sugar under control with the natural remedies you've just been reading about.

But are there are other natural remedies that can work directly to slow, stop, and even reverse the potentially deadly complications of high blood sugar and diabetes?

Can people with diabetes actually save their limbs … hang onto their kidneys … avoid ulcers … and dodge the fatal heart attack otherwise likely to carry them away in the end?

They can indeed!

For example, on page 165 of DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY, you'll find a nutrient whose ability to slow, stop, and reverse the complications of high blood sugar and diabetes is nothing short of astounding.

It's the extract of a single plant, but it's rich in more than three dozen different antioxidants. In fact, it's such a unique natural substance that it carries several U.S. and international patents.

It works by strengthening the tiny blood vessels that feed your cells—the very blood vessels that get damaged by high blood sugar and which lead to many of those awful complications.

It has been shown to …

Clearly, if this were a drug, every doctor in the country would be demanding that their blood sugar patients take it.

But it isn't, and they don't. And that's exactly why I wrote DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY.

On page 165, I'll tell you all about this amazing nutrient, including where to get it and the exact dosage found effective in the studies.

Please don't take chances with the complications of high blood sugar and diabetes. Get your copy of DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY for all the best natural ways to avoid them …

Why you should STOP
trying to eat better

As I mentioned earlier, many people who have high blood sugar try to force themselves to change the way they eat.

Of course, there's no question that eating better can have a big positive impact on your blood sugar and your overall health.

But the way most people go about it just doesn't work. They struggle. They fail. They promise to do better. And all it leads to is guilt, frustration, and no change in their eating habits or their health. (Perhaps you've found this yourself?)

Fortunately, there is now a proven way to improve your eating habits without forcing yourself to do it. This little "trick" makes you automatically eat better. In fact, you'll actually want to eat better.

You'll find this simple technique on page 235 of DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY. Use it and you won't need to gather up your willpower or meticulously plan every meal. Your only job is simply to relax and enjoy what you eat.

But does it really work? On page 238, you'll see that it can successfully lower glucose levels and enable you to lose weight just as well as restricting your diet.

And you'll also discover …

Combined with the supplements and super-foods in DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY, you're armed with a devastating one-two knockout punch that can send high blood sugar down for the count.

But if you've been impressed so far, hold onto your hat. Because you're about to discover some almost unbelievable ways to lower your blood sugar easily and naturally without ingesting anything…

8 Weird Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar That Really Work: A Brand-New Special Report That's YOURS FREE!

In DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY, you'll find today's best and most effective nutrient-based ways to lower high blood sugar—with nothing more than foods and supplements.

But in my research, I also came across some proven, drug-free, super-effective ways to get blood sugar under control that weren't foods or supplements.

That's why I asked my publisher to let me go a step beyond the insights and advice in DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY and write a special report that covers ways to lower blood sugar that don't require you to eat anything or take any supplements.

It's called: 8 Weird Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar—That Really Work. And I convinced my publisher to give it away absolutely FREE with DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY.

I call these techniques "weird" because, frankly, some of them may seem a little strange at first.

But rest assured these are all scientifically proven—not, as one too often encounters these days, something that worked for one person with a blog on the Internet.

In fact, I used the same tried and true research and investigative techniques I used for DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY: I read the research. Then I interviewed the researchers. I talked with the leading practitioners who use these techniques to treat patients with blood sugar problems. And I relied on my own decades of knowledge and experience as a health writer and health coach.

Best of all, every one of these techniques not only lowers your blood sugar, each and every one is great for your overall health as well.

See for yourself…

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the book for you?

DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY belongs on your bookshelf—and at your fingertips—if…

  1. You or someone you love has been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes. According to the latest medical definitions, prediabetes is a fasting blood sugar of 100 or more. Diabetes is a fasting blood sugar of 125 or more. Both are health-threatening and can quickly become life-threatening.

  2. You have a fasting blood sugar higher than 85. Some experts consider even a fasting blood sugar of greater than 85 to be too high and capable of damaging your health.

  3. Your blood sugar "spikes" after meals. Your blood sugar should not spike by more than 40 points following a meal. If it goes above 140, you're literally sending poison to every organ of your body.The health consequences can be severe—worse, some say, than high fasting blood sugar. (While only a glucose test can verify blood sugar spikes, common symptoms include brain fog and memory loss and roller coaster energy levels.)

  4. You want to protect yourself and your loved ones from ever having to worry about high blood sugar. No blood sugar problems right now? Let's keep it that way! Many of the remedies and solutions in DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY can help keep your blood sugar in the "healthy" range for as long as you live. And keeping your blood sugar under control is one of the most important things you can do to be healthy and look and feel great.

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Now if you're still a bit skeptical, I understand. Because I was skeptical too when I started this project. It's hard to believe that we're really not being told the whole truth by the medical establishment when it comes to blood sugar and diabetes.

But after talking to dozens and dozens of researchers, doctors, and patients, I was simply overwhelmed by the evidence and success stories. And I couldn't wait to share them with others in the pages of DEFEAT HIGH BLOOD SUGAR—NATURALLY. I now truly believe that high blood sugar can indeed be lowered naturally, without drugs.

What's more, people suffering from type 2 diabetes can reduce and even completely eliminate expensive and harmful drugs from their lives. It's happening every day. Why shouldn't it happen for you or for someone you love?

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Especially since these natural cures are so easy, so inexpensive (or free!) and so accessible?

Isn't it time you stopped tolerating the expense and side effects of diabetes drugs—and stopped worrying about the possibility of worse side effects down the road?

And isn't it time you started enjoying all the feel-good benefits—from weight loss and renewed energy to a stronger immune system—that naturally balanced blood sugar can bring?

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Yours for better health … naturally,

Bill Gottlieb, Author
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